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A. Cardiac Glycosides  
1. Digoxin Injection BP 0.25mg
2. Digoxin Injection USP 0.25mg
B. Beta Blockers  
1. Propranolol Tablets BP 10mg/40mg/80mg/160mg
2. Propranolol Hydrochloride Tablets USP 10mg/40mg/80mg/160mg
1. Propranolol Injection BP 1mg
2. Propranolol Hydrochloride USP 1mg
C. Antiarrhythmic drugs  
1. Lignocaine Injection BP 0.5% w/v/1% w/v/2% w/v
2. Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection USP 0.5% w/v/1% w/v/2% w/v
3. Lignocaine and Adrenaline Injection BP 20mg
4. LIGNORIN (Lignocaine and Adrenaline Injection BP) 20mg + 0.01mg
5. Procainamide Injection BP 100mg
D. Anti-Hypertensives  
1. Methyldopa Tablets BP 125mg/ 250mg/ 500mg
2. Methyldopa Tablets USP 125mg/ 250mg/ 500mg
3. Reserpine Tablets BP (80) 0.1mg/ 0.25mg/ 0.5mg/ 1mg
4. Reserpine Tablets USP  0.1mg/ 0.25mg/ 0.5mg/ 1mg
E. Diuretics
1. Acetazolamide Tablets BP 250mg
2. Chlorthalidone Tablets BP 50mg/100mg
3. Chlorthalidone Tablets USP 50mg/ 100mg
4. Frusemide Tablets BP 20mg/ 40mg
5. Furosemide Tablets USP 20mg/ 40mg
6. NESIX Tablets (Furosemide Tablets BP) 10mg
7. Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets BP 25mg/ 50mg
8. Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets USP 25mg/5 0mg
F. Antiplatelet drugs
1. Aspirin Tablets BP /USP 75mg/ 450mg/ 150mg/ 500mg/ 300mg/ 600mg
2. Soluble Aspirin Tablets BP 75mg/ 300mg/ 500mg
3. Dispersible Aspirin Tablets BP 75mg/ 300mg/ 500mg
4. PANSPRIN Tablets (Aspirin Tablets BP) 300mg
G. Vasopressors
1. Dopamine Hydrochloride Injection USP 40mg
2. Phenylephrine Injection BP 10mg
3. Phenylephrine  Hydrochloride Injection USP 10mg
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