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State-of-the-art facilities need crack teams to run them. We have analytical and microbiological testing laboratories on the premises and pharmacists who measure life by the microbe. Each plant is a model of efficiency - and care. The strict segregation of penicillin and non-penicillin formulations is a case in point.

We follow GMP guidelines and BVQ standards at each unit.

Goa: In Verna - the pharma hub of Goa - the Nestor plant manufactures tablets and capsules. Ointments and syrups are on the cards in the next phase of expansion. A state of the Art research center at this facility already under implementation will become operational by January 2016.

Faridabad: Faridabad takes care of high-volume production in any form: tablet, capsule, liquid, ointment, cream, powder, dry syrup, drop and injection (even dry powder injection).

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